The new facility was carefully designed to preserve the integrity of the grapes from the field to the press. It provides the flexibility to select the best winemaking solution, given the special characteristics of each vintage. The goal is to minimize heavy extraction in favour of balance and elegance.
After an initial selection in the vineyard, the harvest is sorted three additional times in the winery. the grapes are de-stemmed, but not crushed. Since 2008, several cuvees included a part of whole clusters.
After a maceration period, the fermentation is permitted to start naturally and runs for at least 20 days. Pumping is minimized throughout the winemaking process, relying instead on gravity. During the fermentation period the cap is seldom, if ever, punched down.
After the pressing, the free run juice is age separately from the press wine. The use of sulphur dioxide in minimized. No other oenological product is added, ensuring the authenticity of each wine.